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Beaverton, OR
Posted: 2021-10-17
Valid through: 2022-11-23

A warehouse is a facility to store any goods before their dispatch. And the workers are responsible for an array of services like keeping the tally of received and processed stock and raw materials, taking orders and packing, shipping, managing, organizing, and retrieving all the goods.

The Amazon warehouse team is hiring members immediately with a full-time work opportunity along with loads of perks from the company itself. This facility is jam-packed with work opportunities. A primary warehouse team member would be responsible for :

  • Picking up the designated goods.
  • Packing up the orders.
  • Making sure that uploading is done in a systematic approach.
  • A warehouse worker must be physically adapted to work in a stressful environment. They need to do all the heavy stuff, upload and unload the orders. While you handle all the work in the warehouse, Amazon will take care of your health. The company would provide health check-ups and other fitness checks.

    The roles and responsibilities of a warehouse team member are as follows :

  • Keeping a check on all shipments and orders.
  • Handling all the fragile deliveries, tagging and labeling them.
  • Boxing, wrapping, and packing all the stocks according to the rules and regulations.
  • Looking for current orders, delivery, and dispatch.
  • Pick up the designated goods, label them, packing, listing them, and shipping to the address.
  • The associate will follow all the rules from receiving the orders to dispatch.
  • They need to look after the audits as well as process order returns.
  • They have to check the diary entry, logistics, and customer invoices.
  • They have to sort and resell the items that the consumers have rejected.
  • Maintenance and repair of all the warehouse equipment and machinery.
  • The associate should have proper contact between the supervisor and their co-workers.
  • Additionally, all the workers should have prior knowledge and experience in working with logistics software and tools. Operating workers should know about pallet jacks, cherry pickers, walker riders, etc.

    Amazon: The extraordinary workplace

    Amazon is one of the world's biggest online retailers providing superior cloud services across the globe. Amazon is not a shop for shoppers, but it is also a workplace that is diverse and inclusive. The company believes in diversity with a multitude of opportunities for employees as well as employers. You get flexible working hours with a healthy environment to grow and flourish. Choose quality and convenience as per your requirement.

    So hurry up and apply now to experience the world of wonders and growth. But what are the basic requirements you have to fulfill?


  • The primary educational background needed is a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • He must have minimal experience operating inventory software, logistics, and databases.
  • A warehouse member should be fit and healthy. He should be able to handle tasks smoothly, whether it's loading, packing, etc.
  • They should have basic knowledge of warehouse systems and methods.
  • The members should be active and possess good communication skills.
  • They should have a forklift operator license with exceptional organizational skills.
  • Prior experience is not needed, but workers will be given priority.
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