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Posted: 2021-10-17
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Uber Technologies' explosive growth and constant improvement make it one of the most fascinating companies to emergeover the past decade. The global ridesharing application, founded in 2009, revolutionized modern transportation and grewto become the highest valued private startup company in the world.

The ease and simplicity of ordering a car fueled the company’s rising popularity. With the tap of a button inside theapp, a ride could be ordered, a GPS matched the driver, and the cost was automatically charged to the card on the useraccount.

According to Uber, around 4 million drivers in 63 different countries complete roughly 14 million trips each day. Manypeople join the organization to make a few extra dollars while others drive completely on a full-time basis.

Are you one of those individuals who has thought of signing up and wants to know more about what you need to become asuccessful driver? Keep reading to find what it takes to become an Uber driver, including what you'll need, your earningpotential, and all about the driving journey. You'll certainly need a car and access to a smartphone that allows you toconnect with the riders. But that's not all.

What are the Minimum Requirements to Drive with Uber?

  • You must meet the minimum age to drive as per your city.
  • You must have at least one year of driving experience. for at least one year or three years if you are under the age of23.
  • You must have a valid U.S. driving license.
  • You must use a qualifying four-door car.
  • What Documents Do You Need to Get Started?

    You have to share the following documentation while signing up:

  • Your driver’s license.
  • The proof of residency in your city, state, or province.
  • The vehicle insurance document if you plan to drive your own car.
  • Your profile photo:
  • Must be a forward-facing, centered photo including your full face and top of shoulders, with no sunglasses.
  • With no other subject in the frame, the photo must be well-lit, and in focus; it should not be your license photo orother printed photograph.
  • What is the Uber Screening Process?

    First of all, Uber will take your consent for a background check. Then, the organization will ask you to undergo anonline screening so as to review your driving record and criminal history. To perform the screening and for tax purposesas well, you need to provide your Social Security number (SSN). Also note that if you recently shifted to a new state,you may be asked to provide extra information to verify your driving history. So have your old state’s driver’s licenseand insurance beforehand to let the process finish quickly.

    What Type of Vehicle Services Does Uber Offer?

  • UberX - Your vehicle should be a 2002 or newer four-door sedan in excellent condition.
  • UberXL - You should have an SUV or minivan made in 2002 or earlier. Your vehicle shouldn't have any cosmetic damage andhave a six-passenger seating capacity.
  • UberSELECT or UberPlus - Requires a 2009 model year or newer luxury automobile with a leather interior and no visiblecosmetic damages. It should have enough space to seat four passengers.
  • UberBLACK - You must own a 2012 car or a newer one in excellent condition with a black interior and exterior.
  • UberSUV - Your car should be a 2012 model or newer luxury SUV with a black interior and exterior and six-passengerseating capacity.
  • UberLUX - Requires a 2012 or newer luxury vehicle in optimal condition.
  • How to Start Driving with Uber?

    You can start your driving gig with Uber by following the simple steps:

  • Open the Uber driver app.
  • Tap 'Go' on the screen to get matched with the rider nearby.
  • Swipe to accept a request, or you can decline also if you are not satisfied with distance or location or whatever.
  • Once you accept the ride request, Uber provides you easy-to-follow directions for picking up riders.
  • Earn after every trip has been completed safely.
  • Easily track your progress towards your daily and weekly goals through the Uber app.
  • Is Driving for Uber safe?

    Uber offers various features for the safety of its drivers:

  • Rider verification: If a rider opts to pay with cash, their identity is verified through their Facebook accounts. Ifthey pay through the app, their identity is verified through their payment method.
  • GPS tracking: All Uber trips are GPS tracked from picking to dropping, so there’s a record of your trip if somethinghappens.
  • 2-way ratings: If an Uber driver gives a rider low rates for relevant reasons, the user may lose access to the app tohelp protect the Uber community.
  • Follow My Ride: The app features the Follow my ride option for family and friends to follow your route and know as soonas you arrive.
  • Emergency assistance button: You can use the in-app emergency button to share your location and trip details so you canquickly get help in an emergency.
  • Phone anonymization: Uber helps you to keep your number private if you need to contact your rider through the app.
  • Why Become an Uber Rideshare Driver?

  • Set your own hours: Become a driver with Uber and decide when and how often you drive.
  • Get paid fast: Uber deposits all your earnings to your bank account every week. Plus, you have the option to cash out upto 5 times a day with Instant Pay.
  • The Driver app: The app built for drivers is easy to use and reliable. It shows you everything you need to know to drivewith Uber.
  • More ways to earn: Grab your bike, scooter, or car and boost your earnings by accepting deliveries for Uber. Enjoy aflexible schedule and quick earnings all while cruising around town.
  • Who Pays for the Extra Expenses?

    Uber will not pay drivers for the below-mentioned expenses:

  • Gas: Being a freelancer, you have to pay for your own gas.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: You have to look after oil changes, new tires, replacement of worn-out parts, and wear and tear onyour vehicle. Uber will only pay for the damage caused by a rider.
  • Auto Loan Payments: As you will be using a car, you have to make payments on an auto loan.
  • Car Insurance: You also have to pay for your car insurance.
  • Vehicle Registration, Title, and Taxes: Uber doesn’t deduct taxes from driver's earnings. You get to pay these taxesyourself.
  • What Costs Does Uber Cover?

    There are certain costs that the company does reimburse for its drivers. For instance, Uber charges passengers a fee ifthey cause any damage to the driver's vehicle, whether that's to the interior or exterior. This also includes when arider spills something or vomits inside an Uber driver's car. Uber makes an assessment of the cost of cleaning andcharges the rider accordingly. This amount is then passed on to the driver.

    Uber also provides drivers with any tolls incurred while they are on any driving trips. Toll charges are added to therider's fare itself. Riders and drivers can see the breakdown of fares in their receipts and statements.

    Comparison Between Uber and Traditional Taxi Operators:

    In both cases, they need drivers with an available vehicle to ride passengers. However, some noteworthy differencesstill exist between the two services:

    (i) Both Uber drivers and passengers have to sign up on the Uber app.
    (ii) The identities of both (Uber driver and Uber passenger) are verified.
    (iii) Both Uber parties, after completing the ride, are encouraged to rate each other.
    (iv) Only passengers with positive ratings are allowed to request rides and only drivers with positive ratings canprovide the service.
    (v) Traditional taxi operators match passengers usually randomly or by means of a dispatcher, while Uber uses GPStechnologies and algorithms etc.

    Happy Driving!!!


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