Doordash - Delivery Driver - No Experience Needed - Now Hiring! in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY
Posted: 2021-10-17
Valid through: 2022-11-23

You know what makes a fantastic and powerful concoction that can give a person more liquidity and makes your days happier? An easy and quick way to whip that concoction requires a device, a way of traveling, and some commitment.

Do you want to become a Messiah to people with hope in their eyes? Also, enjoy full control, enjoy your way, and humming your melody whilst delivering the retailer's food and other items. Because DoorDash has this amazing opportunity for all the people looking for work!

Being your boss and choosing your destiny is the new trend and the days of subordinate systems have become old and ancient. Here, DoorDash provides flexibility to select your own time. Making the extra cash is simple at DoorDash!

About DoorDash

In 2013, Stanford students, Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, and Evan Moore established DoorDash Inc., an American on-demand food delivery service. DoorDash is one of the considerable technology companies that use on-demand food delivery logistics services and is backed by Y Combinator.

DoorDash has established itself in more than 4,000 locations around the United States, Canada, and Australia. This company is about connecting people with various possibilities. From bigger bank plans, broader networks to healthier neighborhoods, and better days, DoorDash has it all. Besides that, DoorDash helps small businesses and small drivers known as Dashers with increasing chances of raising, working, and persevere.

Responsibilities of a Delivery Driver:

  • Reviewing work orders to work out details of all the pick-ups and deliveries.
  • Driving the transport to the restaurant, and ordering food items as listed within the work order.
  • Calling customers to clear any confusions in respect of quantities or preferences
  • Making sure that food orders are dispatched by taking follow-ups carefully.
  • Checking packed orders to make sure that nothing is missing with accuracy.
  • Buying check changes, receipts, and packed orders.
  • Inspecting containers and seeing that they're presented properly.
  • Making sure that all safety procedures were followed during packing and delivery.
  • Placing food orders in proper bags and ensuring they are fresh.
  • Driving transport to customer's homes or offices, ensuring delivery within the designated timelines.
  • Delivering orders to clients and supplying them with bills.
  • Carrying out the process of cash payments, change, and receipts.
  • Contacting the dispatch center to supply them with details regarding the delivered food items.
  • Making sure that all deliveries are properly logged into the DoorDash online system.
  • Giving customers details on current deals that partner restaurants are offering.
  • DoorDash Salary

    DoorDash recognizes a hassle-free pay-up policy since when it comes to cash, things incline to get mixed up. So we have arranged a reasonable and straightforward earnings method for every delivery- Base Pay + Promotions + Tips = Total Earnings.

    Base pay is the base grant for every order made by DoorDash. This is established on the order's estimated duration, quantity, and desirability.

    Promotions are additional reimbursement on tasks that meet those conditions, encouraging Dashers to acquire more. The task hours are entirely up to the dasher, he/she can dash almost wherever and anytime


  • Legal driving license with one year of driving experience.
  • 18+ age and capacity to work cohesively
  • Good technique in time control and coordination and client support
  • Capability for long periods of walking and transporting massive things.
  • Acquaintance with local streets, areas, and roads.
  • Drivers permit number
  • Android or iPhone
  • Approval to background inspection

    Dashers carry out orders for delivery on-demand that are harmonized by the DoorDash software. Order packages include expenditure details, the status of the pickup, and the drop-off.

    Steer to the restaurant after you accept a delivery request and pick up the order using the information you have been provided. The DoorDash app will direct you to the buyer after picking up the order and give you any special orders that you need to complete the delivery urgently. Then you have to take the order to the door of the consumer safely and receive the payment.


    We have approved a state of the art that is a reasonable and straightforward process for application. In three easy steps, you can start Dashing-

  • 1.)The applicant may apply instantly on the website for the delivery driver opportunity. The procedure of signing up enables you to enter details such as the name, driver's license number, and birth date.
  • 2.) The applicant needs to validate their own identity which requires an SSN and complete a survey for W9. The background review is quick and short.
  • 3.) When the applicant is approved as a rider, after around a week, they will receive an activation package in the post. The first two steps barely take 30 minutes!
  • Log in to the app, update it and get what you require to keep earning. When you approve a bill, a simple and precise earnings model helps you to understand exactly how much one can acquire. Upon signing in, DoorDash allows you to see where the demands come from in actual time. They also notify you where the majority of demands come from, in minutes you will be in the exact location. For DoorDash it's entirely up to you when and where you work. Depending on availability, Heatmaps will notify you where they are busy so you will be able to organize the orders.


    By submitting, you confirm that you are authorized to use the number entered and agree to receive SMS texts to verify you own the number. Carrier fees may apply.


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