Become Uber Eats Driver - Deliver Food with Uber - Flexible Gig! in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY
Posted: 2021-10-17
Valid through: 2022-11-23

UberEATs is Uber's latest food delivery app, which allows ordering food from nearby restaurants as simple as pressing a button. Customers use Uber Eats to select a menu item from a restaurant, and drivers pick up the food from the restaurant and deliver it to customers. UberEATs drivers are referred to as delivery mates by Uber.

Are you thinking of joining Uber and earn extra?

Looking for a career that gives you more freedom than an hourly job in the city? Uber will help you deliver. Make money when you're on the go! You'll be your boss, with no bosses to bother you. Work on your timetable and gain on your timetable. You are free to choose your wheels. In a matter of minutes, you'll be paying. More consistent than a part-time or seasonal task.

Uber EATS drivers go to nearby restaurants to pick up food and bring it to customers. UberEATs does all of the food ordering, so the driver just has to go into the store, pick up the food, and then drive to the customer's place. The order can be delivered to the curb or the door.

How to get deliveries and start working?

  • Get on the road and log into your enabled account to start accepting delivery requests.
  • Accept the delivery request - Accept the delivery request and proceed to the restaurant.
  • Pick up the order - Say hello, take the order, and begin the delivery.
  • Deliver the food order - Go to the dropoff location to deliver the food order.
  • Earn money - You can keep track of your earnings and cash out whenever you want.
  • Want to know about the basic responsibilities?

  • Use the Driver app to place an order for delivery.
  • Using the Uber app, compile all of the available delivery requests.
  • When you're ready to deliver, press the accept button.
  • Compare the name and order number in the app to the order before leaving the restaurant to ensure they have the right one.
  • If they don't respond, tap the banner that appears to indicate that they haven't responded. A notification will appear.
  • If a restaurant takes longer to prepare a customer's order, always let them know. Go to the order details page and mark the order as not ready.
  • Check the app when you arrive at the delivery location for details provided by the customer, such as intercom and floor numbers, which will help you locate them.


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