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Chicago, IL
Posted: 2021-10-17
Valid through: 2022-08-19

No passengers. No bosses. Just you, your tunes, and the road. Sign up now and start making money! Choose your wheels and deliver food and other items from local merchants to hungry customers.

  • Be your boss. Work when you want, wherever you want
  • Earn including 100% of the tips
  • Work in the morning, at night, or any time in between
  • Use any car, bike, scooter, motorcycle, or moped to deliver.
  • Start today and be your boss. Get on the road today.

Car, Motorcycle, and Moped Requirements

  • iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Valid Driver's License and insurance
  • 18+ years of age
  • 1+ years of driving experience

Bike Requirements

  • iPhone or Android smartphone
  • 18+ years of age

About Us

DoorDash is a technology company that connects customers with local businesses. Customers order meals and other items from their favorite local merchants, and Dashers deliver them directly to their doors. Dashers are third-party contractors who deliver for merchants to customers. *Dashers are paid on a per delivery basis, not per hour.


1)How does a DoorDash delivery driver deliver?

After activating the driver’s account in the DoorDash app, you can start anywhere by clicking the app-

  • To get delivery requests, go online via the DoorDash app.
  • Locate the pick-up location after you begin taking requests.
  • Visit the restaurant as soon as possible and wait for the meal.
  • Take the food with you for delivery.
  • If the restaurant taking time, then let your customer know about it.
  • Do not forget to double-check the orders while picking them up.
  • Deliver it to the address and behave professionally.
  • Use the shortest path if at all possible.
  • Happy delivery as a DoorDash delivery driver.

2)What are the requirements to work as a DoorDash driver?

DoorDash jobs have some essential criteria for DoorDash delivery driver roles-

  • The legal driving age
  • a current driver's license
  • Access to a vehicle on a regular basis
  • Insurance for automobiles
  • There have been no recent felony convictions.
  • Excellent driving records
  • DoorDash rarely asks for experience. It is an entry-level driving job. Become a DoorDash driver and start your driving career.

3)Is it true that DoorDash sends an Activation kit for the selected candidates?

To get a DoorDash Activation Kit, you must fillup the W-9 form in the DoorDash app. It will indicate that you have been selected for the DoorDash delivery driver role.

  • As far as receiving an Activation kit is concerned, choose your orientation mode.
  • Mention your precise location.
  • In the end, you select the Ship to Me option.
  • The DoorDash crew will send you a confirmation email
  • Delivery will take only four to five days.
  • Activate your DoorDash app for delivery as soon as you get the kit.

4)Does DoorDash offer any benefits to its delivery drivers?

  • Become a delivery driver at DoorDash will lead you to a great professional driving career with lots of perks.
  • There are no set working hours.
  • Get your payment on a biweekly or weekly basis.
  • Each ride might provide you with extra earnings.
  • Not as an employee but as a DoorDash driving partner
  • You will have complete independence.
  • You will receive 100% of your tips and bonuses returned.
  • Flexibility in selecting your desired wheel

Don’t waste your time; apply for DoorDash jobs now!

5)Do I need to follow any procedure to become a DoorDash driver?

To become a DoorDash delivery driver, you need to fulfill three major procedures. First, you need to fill out the application procedure, pass the background check, and finally, the drug test.

  • Open the DoorDash app and create an account.
  • Pop up an application for a DoorDash delivery driver.
  • Fill out the application and attach your official documents.
  • Give specifics about the delivery vehicle you'll be using.
  • You must pass a background check and a drug test after completing the application process.
  • If all of the processes go smoothly, DoorDash will send you a confirmation.
  • DoorDash will send you a confirmation if all of the phases are completed successfully.
  • To get your driver account started, DoorDash will mail you an Activation Kit.
  • A handbook, a Red debit card, and a hot bag will come with the package.
  • A DoorDash delivery driver will also get other items from the kit like sanitizer, reusable masks, etc.

6)Do DoorDash drivers get their payment regularly?

  • Payment for DoorDash jobs is made weekly or biweekly.
  • Base pay includes- duration of your delivery, numbers of total delivery, miles per delivery.
  • Then comes peak pay, bonus, and tips.
  • You will earn a 100% bonus as well as the tips you received during your delivery.
  • Your total earning will include everything you make in a specific week.
  • Connect your bank account to the app now and start earning.
  • The DoorDash app will rapidly inform you about your local payment system as a DoorDash driver.
  • Join the DoorDash delivery driver team for more earnings and a better experience.


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