Doordash: Food Courier - Delivery Driver - Now Hiring! in Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL
Posted: 2021-10-17
Valid through: 2022-08-19

Are you looking to earn quickly? Want to get a gig with easy pay? Then, my buddy, Doordash might be what you are looking for!!

Doordash is a food delivery company that is currently operating in as many as 4000 cities of the US, Canada, and Australia. Doordash brings you your favorite dishes, from your desired local restaurants. People across the world are now using Doordash to get their food delivered to their doorstep.

Get a sneak-peek into the working of Doordash:

Doordash aims at connecting drivers to deliver the orders that were placed in their local area. If you are working for Doordash, you don’t need to acquire experience. Dashers earn money by delivering the food orders that are placed and located via smartphones.

Dashers use the Doordash mobile application to start their work. The app connects to restaurants. After picking up the food, Dashers deliver food to customers.

Want to be a delivery driver for Doordash, here are the requirements you must fulfill:

  • The minimum age to be a Doordash delivery driver is 18.
  • For delivery, you may use a car, scooter, or bicycle (in some cities).
  • A driver’s license issued by the state is a prerequisite.
  • Social security number is required (if working in the United States).
  • Consent to a background check and you must pass the check.
  • DoorDash Vehicle Requirements

    You may choose any vehicle of your preference - a car, a bike, a motorcycle, a scooter, or a bicycle. It is necessary to have a vehicle under your name and it must be insured as well.

    How to work for Doordash?

    STEP 1: You must check if Doordash is hiring or not in your area. If there’s plenty of drivers already available, your name would be put up on a roll.

    STEP 2: You must fill out the details regarding your mode of transportation, driver’s license issued by the state, and the driver’s registration number. Insurance of the vehicle is also needed.

    STEP 3: After giving consent for a background check you will have to provide your birthdate and Social Security Number.

    STEP 4: At last you will receive an Activation Kit, your address would be needed for the activation kit to be sent to your home once you've passed the background check through which you will be instructed. After the completion of the W-9 form, the activation confirmation page would appear confirming your request was successful. You will receive an email with tracking information for your Activation Kit’s delivery status in 1-4 business days.

    STEP 5: You would be required to attend orientation (in person or online) depending on where you reside, your DoorDash orientation could also be face to face at an office or online.

    Doordash Payment

    Doordash believes in a hassle-free pay-up system since they wish to avoid all the complications when it comes to money. They devised a fair and transparent wage system for every delivery- Base Pay + Promotions + Tips = Total Earnings. Base pay is made up of the base contribution for every order made by DoorDash.

    Promotions are considered to be an extra compensation on assignments that meet the requirements, enabling Dashers to receive more. The work hours are completely up to the dasher, they can dash practically wherever and whenever.

    Dashers are paid every week with immediate deposits made into their bank account. The weekly amounts are often tracked through the earning tab in the mobile application.


    1) Can delivery be done on foot/bikes?

    Yes, Doordash allows delivery of orders on bikes in selective cities, but not on foot anymore.

    2) Are Delivery Partners known as the company's employees?

    No, they are not business workers, they are vendors or individual contractors who are being paid a fixed fee based on the number of orders they have completed.

    3) What are the documents required for the role of the delivery driver?

    You must have a state-issued driving license and insurance of the vehicle that you would use.

    4) How to get started if I am new to the Doordash platform?

    You have to submit the application, choose driver orientation (online or offline), and then you have to sign up and get the app. You are ready to go!

    5) For working with Doordash, is prior experience a prerequisite?

    Yes, you can work as a delivery driver with Doordash as it requires no prior experience. But if you have prior experience, that might come in handy while working.

    6) Where does Doordash operate?

    Doordash is available in over 4000 cities of the US, Canada, and Australia.

    7) How does the delivery system work?

    Many people order food through the app and you have to deliver the food using any mode of vehicle you prefer.

    8) Are there any car requirements?

    No, but you must have proper papers, a driver’s license, and insurance of the car.

    9) why should I consider Doordash?

    You are your boss. As an individual contractor, you can work as a part-time or a full-time worker as per your wish and make money. You may work as a seasonal, part-time and temporary worker.

    10) What is delivery like?

  • You get the delivery opportunity
  • You drive to the restaurants
  • You pick up the order
  • You deliver it at their desired location.
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