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Chicago, IL
Posted: 2021-10-15
Valid through: 2022-08-16

Drive with Uber and earn money anytime it works for you. Driving is an easy way to earn extra, and it's totally flexible around your schedule. You decide when and how much you drive.

What you need to know:

  • Earn money: The more you drive, the more you earn.
  • Flexible schedule: Make your own schedule and earn anytime, day or night.
  • Getting started is simple: Signing up doesn't take long, and we'll provide support along the way.
  • Get paid weekly: Earnings are deposited into your bank account weekly.
  • 24/7 support: app gives you turn-by-turn directions, and access 24/7 support if you need help.

Here's what you need to get started:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a 4-door vehicle
  • Have a valid Full Class license (Class 5, G, etc.), vehicle registration, and proof of vehicle insurance
  • Have at least one year of driving experience (3 years if you're under 23 years old)
  • Have proof of the country’s work eligibility

Additional Information:

If you have previous employment experience in transportation (such as a delivery driver, driver, professional driver, driving job, truck driver, heavy and tractor-trailer driver, CDL truck driver, class a or class b driver, local truck driver, company truck driver, taxi driver, taxi chauffeur, cab driver, cab chauffeur, taxi cab driver, transit bus driver, bus driver, coach bus driver, bus operator, shuttle driver, bus chauffeur) you might also consider driving with Uber and earn extra money.

We also welcome drivers who have worked with other peer-to-peer ridesharing or driving networks. Drivers using the Uber platform come from all backgrounds and industries ranging from traditional driving and transportation industries to other industries. Driving with Uber is a great way to supplement your part-time or full-time income.


1)How to start working at Uber as an Uber driver?

You can start your Uber career by applying for Uber now. If you get selected then start your hours by log in to the Uber driver app.

  • Go online and start your hours at the Uber driver app
  • You will start receiving ride requests to your nearby areas
  • Get started by locating your passenger by the navigation facility
  • Pick up your passenger
  • Start your trip by clicking on the app.
  • Drive to destination
  • Use the shortest route if possible
  • Look at the traffic in the Uber driver app and drive accordingly
  • After completion click the complete trip option in the app.
  • Get your earnings and track them in the app.
  • As an Uber driver, You can start working and earn according to your schedule. No one is going to control your hours.

Apply for Uber now.

2)Does Uber reject candidates for any specific reasons?

Yes, Uber might reject an applicant for some reason. To become an Uber driver-

  • You need to provide valid documents
  • Avoid making errors
  • You must be in your city’s legal age to do driving jobs
  • You must pass the drug test
  • You must pass the background check
  • To get into Uber driver jobs, you have to go through these criteria in a positive manner.

3)Is Uber hiring for Uber driver roles?

Yes, currently Uber is hiring for driving jobs. If you love driving and make some extra pocket money then apply for Uber. The candidates must be twenty-one years old or more. In some cities, you might need to provide at least three months of driving experience. You must have a good driving record without any felony. Besides, you might need to lift the baggage of the passenger sometimes, therefore you must be physically strong. Apply now in the Uber driver app. Get your chance today and make a good Uber career.

4)Can you work whenever you want as an Uber driver?

Of course, you can work and earn based on your mood with Uber. Uber career provides a flexible earning platform to all drivers. You can make your hours at the Uber driver app. Whenever you feel like driving then go to the app and start your hours. There is no pressure on your working hours. You can apply for both part-time and full-time employment for Uber and earn. Apply for Uber and become an Uber driver to get such a flexible schedule.

5)How does the Uber driver app help the Uber driver?

  • The Uber driver app has all the important tools for the driving jobs of Uber.
  • You can get your ride request- you can start your Uber driver job simply by login into the Uber driver app. Start your hours at the ap[p and get your ride request.
  • In-app navigation- to track your passenger and their destination, you will get help from the Uber driver app. It has an in-app navigation facility to help you with the location and traffic as well.
  • Track your earnings- through the app you can always track your total earnings. It will show you the standard earnings along with the tips and bonus.
  • Alert you during busy hours- yes, you can get notifications about the busy hours. It will help you to get more rides and earn more.

Happy earning with Uber. Did you apply for Uber? Apply now.

6)Does Uber provide the best driving jobs?

If you are looking for driving jobs and earn extra pocket money then Uber driver jobs are the best. This is because the roles have

  • Flexible hours
  • 100% tips and bonuses
  • No supervisor or boss to make the working schedule
  • You can track your earnings and cash out anytime
  • Part-time and full-time facilities are there- choose accordingly.
  • You can rent a car for the role- provide valid insurance documents.
  • Uber driver jobs are not hectic at all. You can apply for Uber and earn enough home time. Make your Uber career now!


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