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Chicago, IL
Posted: 2021-10-17
Valid through: 2022-08-28

Are you interested in a new opportunity where you can work independently, make a difference in your community, and delight hundreds of customers every day? Apply to be a Delivery Driver today. DSPs offer competitive compensation, benefits, a great company culture, and opportunities for growth. No delivery experience required

What Youll Do:

As a Delivery Driver, youll drive a vehicle, delivering 200-250 packages per day. You will be a delivery hero in the neighborhoods you serve - delivering hundreds of smiles to customers every day in the form of critical supplies, household goods, toys and so much more. You can expect to work 4-5 days per week and up to 10 hours per day.

Why Youll Love Working For a DSP:

  • Earn more: competitive compensation
  • Compelling Benefits: paid time off and health insurance for all full-time employees
  • Independence: spend the majority of your day on the road delivering smiles to customers
  • Stay active: youll be on the move during your shift as you deliver packages from the delivery vehicle to the customers doorstep
  • Professional growth: many DSPs offer career growth opportunities such as moving into Lead Driver, Dispatcher, or Operations Manager roles, DOT certification, and professional development and training
  • Team environment: a fun, fast-paced, and supportive company culture

What Youll Need:

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must have a valid driver's license within the state of employment
  • Must be able to move boxes up to 50 lbs., with or without reasonable accommodation
  • Must have a positive attitude
  • Must be able to pass a background check and drug test

Shifts: Morning, afternoon, weekday, and weekend

Health and safety are always a top priority for Amazon Delivery Service Partners. In partnership with one another, Amazon Delivery Service Partners continue to consult with medical and health experts and take all recommended precautions to keep everyone healthy.


1)What are some of the advantages of Amazon delivery driver jobs?

  • The company's first goal is employee health and a safe working environment. Amazon adds health insurance to its employee and their family members get benefits for full-time delivery drivers.
  • Full-time delivery drivers are eligible for full health insurance plans.
  • Drivers can also choose from a number of dental and vision services.
  • You'll also be eligible for Amazon's 401(k) plan, life insurance, and short- and long-term disability benefits.
  • Full-time Amazon drivers get paid time off for holidays.
  • Employees are also eligible for annual discounts.
  • Your Amazon career provides you with the opportunity to advance your career.

2)What abilities need expecting to perform as an Amazon delivery driver?

If you want to become a delivery driver with Amazon, search for driver jobs near me. If you found Amazon driver jobs in your area, Apply Now to become one for the organization.

  • Responsible driving, great customer service skills, and physical strength are qualities of Amazon drivers.
  • You need a valid driver's license, excellent driving skills in a variety of weather and traffic circumstances.
  • In educational criteria, the ideal candidate for the Amazon delivery driver position should have a High School diploma or GED.

3)What are the responsibilities of an Amazon delivery driver?

As an Amazon delivery driver, you are responsible for:

  • Deliver things to various places via various routes.
  • Follow the routes and schedules.
  • Operate a delivery vehicle by loading, unloading, preparing, inspecting.
  • Request feedback on the services you've provided and address any complaints you've received.
  • Get payment for orders delivered
  • Complete reports and logs
  • Observe all DOT requirements and safety guidelines.

4)Does Amazon run background checks on drivers to see if they have any criminal records?

  • For Amazon jobs there is a background check for every applicant is necessary. This check is for felonies and other serious criminal offenses every seven years.
  • You may not be eligible to join Amazon Career if you have a history of theft or violence.
  • Your driving record gets reviewed to discover whether you have any severe traffic tickets or penalties on your record.
  • It can take up to 10 days for a background check to complete.
  • Amazon does not need a long history of driver's licenses. Because there is no requirement for the firm to have a minimum license history. You can drive for Amazon even if your license is less than a year old.

5)What are the positive effects of the Amazon career as a DSP delivery driver?

This may be a great opportunity to start your career with Amazon. Find Amazon driver jobs in your area. Apply Now!

Amazon is an international firm that works in an active environment with million employees. Amazon career gives you:

  • Different shifts options are available for Amazon delivery employment.
  • There are flexible job shifts morning, afternoon, weekdays, and weekends shifts for drivers.
  • Delivery drivers work four days a week. You may work a total of 10 hrs per day is minimum. You have the freedom to choose when you wish to work.
  • Amazon places a strong priority on the health and safety of its employees. Your family members are also eligible for these benefits.


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