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Chicago, IL
Posted: 2021-10-16
Valid through: 2022-08-16

Uber Eats is one of the extended business ventures by the popular ride-hailing company Uber. Using the Uber Eats app users can now browse through the offers and order their favorite cravings from local restaurants and have them delivered to their doorstep. Uber Eats connects customers to local restaurants in their area by helping them with their take-out deliveries.

Uber Eats food delivery driver earns while driving around making these deliveries. They enjoy the luxury of flexible hours and adjustable shifts.

Uber Eats is now immediately hiring delivery drivers. Sign up and earn a little extra easy income at a gig that does not restrict you with hours or location.


1) How does a food delivery driver book deliveries?

An Uber Eats food delivery driver can decide to make deliveries whenever they are free and want to work. All they need to do is open their Uber Eats driver's account on their phone and click on ‘GO’ to enable delivery requests. Depending on their location, the app will send a delivery request that is in a nearby location. A driver has 30 seconds to review the order details before deciding to accept or decline.

2) What happens once a driver accepts a request?

Once an Uber Eats food delivery driver accepts a delivery request, they follow the in-app navigation system to drive to the restaurant and pick up the take-out order and then once again follow turn-by-turn directions to the customer’s address to finally drop off the food.

3) How does a food delivery driver earn?

An Uber Eats food delivery driver is not an employee but an independent contractor. This means rather than receiving a fixed wage, they earn on every delivery they accept and complete. On each delivery, they are offered a base pay that includes pick up and drop off fees, time, location, etc. The more deliveries completed, the more a driver earns.

4) How do drivers know how much they earn?

Uber Eats food delivery drivers can track their earnings and 100% of all tips received directly from the app daily.

5) When do delivery drivers receive their pay?

Uber Eats directly deposits a delivery driver’s earnings and tips to their bank account at the end of the month. If a driver needs their earnings before that they can simply use the Instant Pay feature offered by the app to withdraw their earnings using a registered debit card up to five times a day.

6) What requirements are needed for a delivery driver?

Uber Eats only needs their food delivery drivers to be at least 18 years old and have immediate access to a vehicle and a valid drivers’ license and insurance for that vehicle.

Food delivery drivers should also have an insulated bag and a couple of extra paper bags to keep the food fresh and safe. Other food delivery drivers have found adding a phone mount to your vehicle is also quite convenient.

7) What kind of vehicle is appropriate for a food delivery driver?

An Uber Eats food delivery driver can use any vehicle they like. They can buckle up in their CAR and drive around the neighborhood, or if they don’t like parking they can just hop on to the motorized SCOOTER instead. If they prefer to peddle instead then they can grab their BIKE and cycle their way to completing deliveries.

8) How do I sign up?

Signing up to be an Uber Eats food delivery driver cannot be easier. All you have to do is log on to the Uber Eats website or download the Uber Eats app and click on ‘Become a Driver’. Then you simply fill in your personal information and submit the required documents for your vehicle and then finally consent to a quick background check. Within a week Uber Eats should contact you about your activated account and further details.

Uber Eats food delivery drivers can be their own boss. They have complete freedom over where they work, when they work, how long they work when they can take the day off. If you are looking for temporary work where you can earn well while still pursuing other interests and goals then this is the gig for you. Sign up today!!


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