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Posted: 2021-10-16
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We are progressing towards a virtual world, and everything nowadays is done online. So when everything is online, why not the food delivery. DoorDash is an online food delivery platform based in the US and Canada. And they believe in empowering local economies and supporting small businesses. It is one of the largest platforms based in San Francisco, catering to the needs of over 450,000 merchants, 20,000,000 consumers, and 1 million deliverers.

DoorDash is constantly growing and flourishing. The food chain is offering the opportunity to become an on-demand delivery driver with simple steps. Customers can get mouth-watering delicacies at their doorstep, and drivers can get the pay. They can earn extra cash without doing odd jobs.

The cherry on top is that DoorDash provides an easy hiring process and flexible working hours. Employees get paid per hour basis, and sometimes they can avail themselves benefits for more trips. The driver has to collect orders from different restaurants and deliver them to foodies on time. Known for its excellent food delivery services and the hiring process is done rigorously to ensure work is completed on time.

How can drivers join the United States' most extensive food delivery services? Well, the hiring process to simple, and a few things to keep in mind are :

  • The driver should be an adult that is 18 or older.
  • He or she must have a driving license of any car, truck, or even a van that qualifies for food delivery.
  • Drivers can also own a scooter or bicycle in some cases.
  • They should have proper insurance in cases of accidents.
  • The smartphone should have the DoorDash partner app installed.
  • The driver will first have to complete an orientation, or he should request an activation kit.
  • Now the essential requirement for any driver is to own a vehicle, and DoorDash believes inconvenience. Working with the delivery platform is easy as any car qualifies for delivery. It makes it convenient for a student who can deliver the food items through a bicycle or even an old truck.

  • They can avail of any model, and it can be a classic one too.
  • There is no need for cosmetic requirements; neither is the need for vehicle inspection by the employers.
  • If vehicles run and drivers are capable of delivering the food, then anything is eligible.
  • Currently, DoorDash is available for delivery in the majority of us and significant cities of Canada. A driver is employed as per shifts or even for a day. They can earn up to $8 to $15 per hour, a mind-boggling amount for a student. Deliveries are based on specific criteria.

  • Base pay + Promotions + Tips = Total Earnings.
  • Base pay is a calculation of - time, distance, and desirability.
  • Dashers see an estimate of what proportion each delivery can pay before they accept the order.
  • Additionally, Dashers can bonus and extra pay on a hectic day with more deliveries. And this is called Peak Pay which is added to an order during busy hours of the day. Like there is a happy hour, and with loads of orders, Dashers can earn extra cash in between. If the drivers take this golden opportunity, they can make more than 80% of the average amount.

    DoorDashers can also earn bonus cash after completing certain deliveries within the designated time limit, often called challenges. Once a week, they can make a direct deposit, and they can withdraw the amount immediately for a fee.

    The drivers are independent, so they need to have their insurance; they need to purchase their gas and other expenses.

    What is DoorDash Delivery Shifts Scheduling

    Dashers need to follow a schedule and are given designated areas for deliveries. This scheduling allows one dasher to navigate between orders and customers easily. Shifts range from an hour or two and also go up to a full day.

    Shifts usually change after dark, so dashers try to occupy simple modifications and stay awake at night rather than work in the daytime.

    Drivers need to log in within half an hour in the application, or the company might cancel their shift and give it to someone else.

    Work of DoorDashers

    Drivers have to deliver the food items within the designated time. The schedule is organized within the DoorDash App, where they have to log in during their shift. Their shifts may be decided beforehand, or they can also occupy the free slots if available. First, sign up in the application and wait for the schedule, and once assigned, drivers need to go through payout and other information. They need to look up the location and decide whether they can deliver the order or not.

    After acceptance, the driver has to pick up the order from the designated restaurant or eatery. The app will provide them with all the details and all the instructions given by the customers. They are also provided with contact information if the route is different or there is a delay.

    How to apply?

    STEP 1: Sign Up

    DoorDash always tries to hire drivers if there is a scarcity or more workload. And if there is a surplus, the drivers would not sign up and be placed on the waiting list.

    STEP 2: Mode of Transportation Details

    If the driver slot is open, they can quickly sign up by filling in the details of the vehicles. They need to fill in the license information and insurance.

    STEP 3: Background Check Consent

    DoorDash will ask for their consent for a background check and ask for background details such as birthdate and social security number.

    STEP 4: Get Activation Kit

    The application will provide an activation kit once the driver has passed the background check, and DoorDash will give further instructions.

    The driver needs to fill the W-9 form confirmation page to tell your registration to be successful. Drivers will get an activation kit and delivery status after the hiring process is complete.


    1. How much do DoorDashers make in a day?

    The drivers can earn according to the shifts and requirements. The more they deliver, the more bonuses they can make.

    2. Can I make a living as a DoorDash driver?

    Yes, people can earn and make a good amount by making deliveries. There is no requirement for any designated vehicle, plus doing odd jobs is not a better option than this.

    3. Does the company pay extra for gas?

    No, the company doesn't pay anything extra for the maintenance of vehicles and gas. The drivers have to own their driver's license, insurance and bear all the vehicle expenses.

    4. Can a friend ride in a car with a DoorDasher?

    Yes, the company doesn't monitor who travels with the designated driver. They make sure that the food is delivered to the right person.

    5. Does DoorDash pay daily or weekly?

    The food delivery pays according to the shifts and sometimes daily. The drivers also get additional perks and bonuses for late-night shifts.


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